New Gadget

So first things first, after an extended break from blogging, I want to introduce my newest gadget with which I am writing my current post.

This is the new Galaxy Note 10.1 released just last week. Its quadcore power makes everything smooth and satisfying. My last tab, the original Samsung Galaxy 10.1, lacked finesse and any serious usability - speaking from someone who needs to edit documents, photos, blogs, listen to music, make phone calls, write texts (the first tab couldn't even do that!!!!), carry around sheet music in pdf format, edit simple graphics, record students videos... the list goes on. Not to mention,... the lack of accessories making the tab look hopelessly ugly. I was totally over the Tab from day one, and was happy to throw it around like it didn't matter.

Not anymore! This precious baby is alllll mine. Paws off!

The new Note can do all the above-mentioned things at the same time, AND the camera is faster - useful for photographing my cats who simply do not stay still... and comes loaded with the Photoshop Touch - yet to be tested... but sounds cool all the same, haha

The kitty is Bruce, the new boy - given to us.... more on that later.

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Hi after a looong break

I have not blogged in the longest time, but I decided i will be a good opportunity to keep my family and friends updated on my life in KL.

Since my last post... we lost Yuji, got Ryker, Schurdo came and stayed for 6 months and flew over to Norway, found Myvi in our car engine, got twins Michael and Aurora, went to the UK for a performance trip, separated from my husband, lost little Michael, got Lizzie and was given Bruce.

Most recently, I bought a new tab, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!!!

This allows me to post blogs directly and easily so I'm looking forward to keeping my blog updated!!!


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Piano is HERE!

I have not blogged for a while, again. But today, I am jumping for joy!


My beautiful friend, Yuko kindly lent me her PIANO for 6 months!

The piano has just arrived in my house, gone up the stairs, no cats ran away, so this is a wonderful day.


I've been looking for a piano at home for a long time, since I arrived in KL. Now after 10 months, I've been saving up my pocket money but I was a little way off as other expenses interrupted (eg. my cat's operation!).

The other night, I went out to dinner with some music friends and we got talking. Yuko is leaving to pursue another job in Norway imminently but she will only move her things after 6 months. So she kindly suggested to me that even if she'll eventually take the piano with her, nobody will use it for 6 months at her house so why don't I use it?

I'm so blessed with wonderful friends in our new country. I'm finding it easier to put in more of my old self into my work and practice. I want to do the very best that I can!

Thank you Yuko so much!


Incidentally… the piano movers (all Malay too) were quite funny. They put a strap around the piano and carried it up the stairs, 2 people plus 1 assisting in tight spots. There's no such thing as safety regulations!

In Australia, I fear that they would have refused to put it where I got it placed, because of the narrow staircase.

These are moments I really like this country. BOLEH!

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RAW @ Wisma Equity building, Jalan Ampang KLCC

It has taken me the longest time to review RAW (Real and Wholesome) cafe, inside Wisma Equity building on Jalan Ampang.

Graeme and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cafe! It is easily the best coffee in KL.

The day I took the pictures, they were roasting.




The cafe is located in the foyer of the Wisma Equity building, just across the road from the Twin Towers.

It has an open feeling and the tables and seats are tucked behind this counter so you won't be subjected to passers-by.

There is also on-site parking, you just let the security guard know that you want to go to 'the cafe' and they will give you a pass to enter the carpark. You just have to get it validated by the RAW staff.




I often eat here for lunch because the food is freshly prepared and so healthy!

This is the salad:



Graeme had the Mushroom Pesto Toasted Sandwich on rye – one of our favourites!



Of course, the main attraction is the coffee:


My flat white:


Graeme's Ristretto:


We really like the coffee here.


Look at this: they are sorting the green beans before roasting!



The hard working girls:



If you are strolling around KLCC area and looking for a good coffee and healthy food, try RAW next time!

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Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar

I have posted before about the lack of a decent coffee in KL. Over recent months, a few new cafes have opened around the city that follow the style that we are so accustomed to in Australia; i.e. Espresso! On-site roasting! This is a hugely exciting development for us.

Antipodean (pronounced like this) recently opened in the expat suburb of Bangsar. It is located on Jalan Telawi 2 near Bangsar Village.

We've been to this cafe a few times so far to try out the breakfast, which reminds one of a cafe in Australia. Or New Zealand, I suppose, where the owner is from, I think.

I had the muesli with fruit salad, honey and yoghurt:


Graeme had the big breakfast (note the size difference of what is considered 'big' in this country!):


The food is presented nicely and it is quite delicious – probably worth multiple visits. Unfortunately this style of food is still new in KL and one cannot quite ignore the feeling that I could cook it better at home. But this is not Australia so I won't complain. The service can be slow (nothing abnormal in KL). Still, you can't really get this kind of breakfast in KL so I don't mind it so much.

The cafe has a nice atmosphere, but it is quite loud inside because of a lack of any fabric furnishings to soak up reflecting sounds off the walls and tiles. A little bit difficult on our classical musician ears, I must say.


Lastly, I must mention the coffee, that is roasted on-site. That immediately suggests a certain standard and seriousness about coffee. I believe Graeme has had a good ristretto here, however, not without some coersion. I have a mixed feeling about the piccolo latte and latte here. Piccolo is obviously small but the latte is massive. Check this out:



Although I was a little bit disappointed about this latte, I would still say that Antipodean is probably the best option for coffee around Bangsar Village.

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