Afternoon snack

Just had the most traumatic cat washing experience... Though nothing a good chocolate couldn't fix!! Kenji absolutely raked my back. Nobody was happy!!

He's turning his back on me.



Graeme took over the washing and he did very well- I think he can do it from now on!! He's also tall enough that the cat won't jump up on his back to escape the water.

I also tried a new hot chocolate with soy milk and soy powder (kinako). Soy powder is readily available in Japan but I make it at home.

For soy powder:
Toast some raw soy beans in a frypan and put it in the food processor.

The drink recipe came from here

This version of hot chocolate is meant to be good for your skin.... Fingers crossed!!! I frothed it in the coffee machine :)


I also had some of my chocolate cake- it's so healthy and guilt free, I make it all the time!!! I'll put the recipe up later.

My chocolate fix is complete and my cat injuries are all but forgotten!!

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