French leek tart with king brown mushrooms


Great easy recipe which you can keep for lunch the next day. The original recipe is from
In my version, I used king brown mushrooms, olive oil, more cheese (to use up the small block of cheese we get at Woolies), less egg and less cream. Haha, a practically different recipe!!

Here are the ingredients:

• 1 sheet shortcrust or puff pastry
• 2-3 leeks, sliced
• 2 king brown mushrooms or Eringi in Japanese, sliced for topping and the rest chopped
• 2 eggs
• 150mL extra light cream
• 200g Swiss cheese, grated
• Olive oil, for frying leek

Preheat oven 180C. Place pastry into a tart pan.

Fry the leeks then add mushrooms, on medium heat until soft.

Whisk eggs lightly in a bowl, then mix with cream and cheese. Mix with the vegies.

Pour mixture into prepared pastry, and bake for 40-45mins.

Great dish to prepare during the day for a quick dinner!!!

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