Miss Pricilla and sprouting gardens

This is my first post since November 2009!

We adopted a new cat from RSPCA in the middle of November.
Meet 12 year-old Pricilla, our gorgeous long hair blue tortoiseshell!

When she first came home she was a bit anxious and started out as a grumpy grandma. I got scratched heaps! We have now bonded and she loves to sleep on the bed with me while I nap during the day. She has the most beautiful sparkly eyes and she loves to play with her toys, more than our other two!


I love to brush her, trim her paw hair (yes they are long haired between their little paw fingers!) and cut her long sharp claws.

What else have we been up to?

We started gardening as a hobby in December while Graeme was on holidays and started a veggie patch last weekend. I was very excited to see lots of sprouts coming out already!
Here are some photos from the front and back of our house


On the back here we’ve put in some Australian natives


Here are the two 1m x 1m veggie raised patches according to the wonderful book One Magic Square. This book introduces various plot designs for various uses, such as Salad Plot, Soup Plot, Pizza Plot and introduces the reader to the different vegetables to plant according to each plot and soil preparation methods.

I have chosen to try out the "Horta" plot (2nd pic), which is a mixture of various fast growing greens and spice seeds from my spice cupboard! According to the book this is a good plot to start with when your veggie patch is still new. I have fennel, caraway, bok choy, chinese cabbage, kale, giant red mustard, mizuna, etc. in there.

Look how many sprouts I have and it’s only the 3rd day!
This one is zucchini in a pot… already sprouting!


I also have some thyme seeds sprouting indoors. I'll take some photos soon!

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