Adiós Adelaide 2) Adelaide Botanic Garden

On beautiful days, my husband and I like to wander around the beautiful grounds of the Adelaide Botanic Garden and enjoy an afternoon snack at the cafe, or take a stroll through the numerous exotic gardens. I absolutely love flowers and there is nothing better than seeing this beautifully designed garden of gardens in the middle of the city!

Located off North Terrace, the Adelaide Botanic Garden is easily accessible by foot or car. If nothing else, Adelaide is a well-designed city – the Garden boasts a massive 50 hectares of land. Founded in 1855 and officially opened in 1857, the Adelaide Botanic Garden today is made up of several displays including the International Rose Garden, the Palm House, the Bicentennial Conservatory, the SA Water Mediterranean garden and the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion, just to name a few.

We entered today from the Conservatory Gate, located on Plane Tree Drive, seen below with plenty of shaded parking (metred). By the way, if you keep going along this road and you’ll come to Adelaide Zoo.

You can pick up a Garden map at the gate for free.

This is the Bicentennial Conservatory – I like to call it the ‘armadillo’ – inside is a tropical garden but there is a cost to go in.

The water restrictions in Adelaide often prevent this fountain from operating – this was in fact the first time I’ve seen it with water in it at all!

Leading into the Simpson Shadehouse – a kind of South-Eastern Asian garden.

A typical Misa-Graeme conversation (we’re moving to Malaysia in August) –

M: Malaysia will probably look like this won’t it?

G: Yeah, the view to the airport looked exactly like this.

M: Yeah, except probably not with hanging baskets, haha!

G: …….

After that we come to my favourite part – the Mediterranean Garden and the Fibonacci cafe!

This is a beautifully desgined water feature leading into a kind of small ‘bath’ at the far end. Roman looking in a way, I guess.

This hedge was perfect except for a few bits shooting out…

The cafe is closed today :-(

When you walk around the corner of the cafe, you will come to what is arguably the most interesting display, the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion. These waterlilies are pretty grotesque, but very clever. The flowers open only at night and attract scarab beetles to it – the next morning when the flower closes up, the beetles are trapped inside, allowing them to help pollinate the lilies.

I wonder if they keep the beetles in some special place and release them at night… or do they exist here in the wild?

They’re spikey and scary!

The Botanic Garden is so vast that you’d only really enjoy parts of it at a time. I would say there is still a good half to explore, but I’ll leave it for now and take more pics another day.

In the mean time, here is a slideshow of some beautiful flowers I saw in the gardens today. Gorgeous!

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