How to take a photo of Pricilla, and her story

I have a bit of a problem taking a photo of Pricilla because:

1) She’s so dark it’s hard to see her facial features

2) She doesn’t even like the camera so she usually looks away

3) I obviously can’t use flash, because that’ll just scare her even more

4) I’m not a photographer so I guess I have no idea what I’m doing – that’s the biggest problem! (haha)

So far, most of the photos I’ve taken haven’t come up very well. I love this photo but she kind of blends in to the couch…


What do people with dark-faced-cats do? Wah! Help!

So Pricilla’s story. I never got to share the story of how she came to be our little girl, even though it’s described briefly on her profile page.

I make it a habit to look up the RSPCA site (almost) every day, and one day in November ‘09, I saw this pretty little thing who was 12 years old. My husband was away at the time, and I just could not resist ringing the RSPCA to ask about her, whether she would be ok with our 2-3 yr old Keiko & Kenji, was our place big enough, etc.

A couple of weeks before this, I was told of a dog – who was adopted by a family member years ago – boisterous and uncontrollable. After trying really hard to train him (he was a large dog), the owner took the dog back to the RSPCA. That night, they changed their mind and wanted to give the dog another chance so went back the NEXT MORNING to get him back, but he had already been put down. What a sad story. I was heartbroken when I heard about it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this poor dog and the poor owner when I saw Pricilla. First of all, I wondered why she had been given up at such an advanced age, and I really felt that this 12 year old precious girl deserved a nice home. I definitely didn’t want to think about what would happen if we didn’t adopt her, or if nobody adopted her…

So before I even asked my husband, I made an appointment with the RSPCA officer to meet Pricilla on the day my husband would be back, 4 days later. I prayed and prayed that she would be there, but if not, I hoped she would go to a nice home.

And the rest is history! I often wonder if she’s happy to be with us and whether her new home is to her liking, her Royal Highness… (!!)

This is the photo of Pricilla that was on the RSPCA site when I found her for the first time:


and this is Pricilla today (5 months on)


I think… she looks AWESOME (if I may say so myself)!!!!!!! When we first brought her home, for weeks she hissed a lot and scractched the bejeesus out of my hand – I guess she was very anxious – but now she is the sweetest companion who likes to snuggle up to her mummy and daddy. I pat her every day telling her please live til 30! :-)

I’m constantly worried about our move to Malaysia but we’ve found a good company that specialises in moving pets globally – I’m sure they will give her the proper care she needs to fly over.

Paws & fingers crossed!

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Ozark Mountain Cats said...

What a beautiful picture and story. My cats were timid around the flash for a little while but now they're big hams. My camera makes a chirping noise when I turn it on and Smudge comes running when he hears it.

Anonymous said...

She really looks very sweet.

As for the pictures. They look fine to us. But we know Photoguy likes to keep the camera very low and have us contrast against the sky.

The Island Cats said...

What a wonderful story about how Pricilla came to live with you! She's a beauty!!

As far as taking photos, our mom isn't a photographer either...she just takes lots of pictures of us and hopes one or two will look okay! We think you did pretty good with Pricilla!

Mo said...

She is very beautiful. To overcome the dark face without using flash try placing her next to a window so her face is side lit by natural light.

ABBY said...

She is a real beauty and it touched our hearts so deeply when we read her story.

Taking pictures of Abby, I find that the best light is natural light. I have trouble with darkness too because well she is generally black, thank goodness for the white because that gives her some contrast...and in the dark I can see her little white paws!


GreatGranny said...

Nothing wrong with your photography and Priscilla is very pretty with goog coloring.

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