Miracle cat photo… they’re eating together!

Our cats are currently on a diet. There are perfectly good reasons! We are moving overseas in August and have organised a pet moving company to take care of their trip over. They have to be on a diet because:

1) The cat-moving company charges by weight so the cats can’t put on any more weight

2) Keiko and Kenji have been booked on crates for cats under 6kg each

3) They have all put on 400-600g since we got them

Just for the record, Keiko weighs 5.8kg, Kenji weighs 5.5kg and Pricilla weighs a whopping 6.7kg! Oh dear!

Our diet plan is this: put them on ‘lite’ food and give them all the same amount of food. You see, we used to have food bowls all over the house and topped up whenever they were empty. Now, they all get little scoops each at the same time.

Now they eat happily together! It’s such a miracle because this alone has brought them closer together.


Pricilla has discovered the ottoman…


And the second couch…


Kenji in his usual spot on the back of the couch


Graeme took this photo of Kenji… wild


Keiko in her basket…


A bit curious…


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