Playful Pricilla

Pricilla is the most playful little girl and she is SO FAST!! She loves all her toys and has inherited all of Keiko’s toys (as she’s not really into them) –

12 years old and a littly kitty at heart!

P1110140n P1110358n P1110359n P1110360n P1110361n P1110364n P1110365n P1110368n P1110370n P1110374n P1110378n P1110387n P1110414n P1110438n P1110447n P1110507n

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Harry Spotter said...

Great action photos. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Parker said...

My sister Puff is 12 and the very same way!

MoMo said...

I am the same age but I never did play with toys even when young. I prefer chasing birdies, butterflies and leaves.

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