Traumatic & gross … but a bit funny

I love my Kenji, especially in the mornings. He’s so affectionate and loves to cuddle up to me and rub his face on mine. But sometimes, that’s not a good thing. What happened is actually 250% my fault but I couldn’t look at Kenji for a little while! It’s a bit of a long (and really stupid) story…


I’ve planted lots of radishes in my vege patch. They’re really easy to grow, yummy, healthy, etc. Last time I harvested, I left one for fun to see what would happen and how big it would grow. Pointless fun, hehe!

A couple of days ago, I decided to pull it out, because the leaves were being eaten by green caterpillars.

I don’t like caterpillars (eww) and when I see them on my veggies I usually use chopsticks to take them off and throw them onto a different part of the garden so that it can serve the eco system (ie. birds can find them).

There was a medium-sized (big enough) caterpillar on this big radish but I didn’t realise until I had brought it inside. By the time I saw it, I was so grossed out I decided to leave him on there and hope that my husband would get rid of him (how sneaky of me). I watched it throughout the day in horrified fascination.

That night, I observed the caterpillar eating away the radish leaf and its little body was pulsating with its green (?) blood. So disgusting, but I wasn’t going to kill it!

When I couldn’t see the caterpillar on the radish the next morning, I was quite worried. I wondered how far a caterpillar could walk in 8 hours… I looked around the room to no avail. So I carefully walked over to my laptop and decided not to think about it.

After about 10 minutes I looked down and there it was! Just next to the chair I was sitting on, on the floor, healthy and on the move. By this time I was thinking I really should just put him outside before I stepped on him, because, that would just be too traumatic.

I should have…

Because the next thing, I got engrossed in all the cat blogs that I love to read, and forgot all about it. By the time I remembered, it was too late. I should have realised that the cats were already up and roaming the house – I saw the awful green mess of what used to be the caterpillar smeared on the floor (not near me, but only where a cat had been that day).

It was so bad! Graeme had already left for work (he was actually oblivious to my stupidity) so I had to clean it all up myself. It was my fault anyway, but how traumatic!

I didn’t know which cat it was, but I went over to Kenji to comfort myself … he was purry and affectionate so I picked him up.

Then I saw them…

GREEN PAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just about dropped him! GROSS!!!!!!!

Awful awful awful!

I plucked up the courage and told my husband today, and he could not stop laughing at me.


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Kea said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Sorry, but really, that's just too funny!

Now if it had been a *spider* story, well, that really would have been gross.

I'm still laughing (really, sorry!). You got my morning off to a good start.

Have a terrific, caterpillar-free weekend. :-D

violinmuffin said...

Kea, I'm happy that it got you in a good mood! :)
Our cats like to play with spiders as well and they mutilate them during the night. Usually I use the vacuum to clean it up because it's just too disgusting!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Reenie said...


Now that it's warmer over here- I see Sher 'hunting' out bugs from here and there too... NOT fun to watch, but what can you say... our silly cats!

Happy blogoversary to your blog, btw :). Do update it more, will you?

[LOVE your new house! How are you liking it there?]

Whisppy said...

Ewwww! I actually love caterpillars. I would collect them and keep them in my room to watch them eat and eat and grow then spin themselves into a cocoon. I've always been fascinated with garden creepies. :)

GreatGranny said...

oooow that is gross, but funny. I don't like to see my Kassey chase bugs or spiders.

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