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Our 3 cats went to the vet the other day to get wormed, and Pricilla had her eye looked at as we suspected she had conjunctivitis. Poor little things!

We got the same guy (vet) as the last time Keiko received her yearly check-up and vaccination. I knew there was something I didn’t like about him!

He looked at Pricilla’s eye and we established that she has conjunctivitis and that she needs eye medication. That was settled (even though I don’t like the type of medication we’ve been given, but that’s minor).


When we started talking about the worming tablet, he said he would use this metal tweezer-like implement to shove it down Pricilla’s throat as he didn’t want to be bitten.


I was thinking, “That’s exactly why we brought them? Because you’re supposed to know what you’re doing? What kind of vet are you?”

Anyway, we went along with it and watched in horror as he held down Pricilla’s head and tried to give her the worming tablet. She struggled, of course. After the third time, much to our horror, the tablet was smeared with blood. He had actually drawn blood from inside poor Pricilla’s mouth.

Graeme managed to say, “That doesn’t look right.. can we try another way?”

I’m ranting because every other time we’ve been to the vet for worming, they have used either their hand or a plastic tablet inserter thing. Not metal tweezers, or tongs, or whatever they are!! I was angry. I was wondering where the other vet was, who last time gave Kenji his worming tablet with such finesse, no dramas.

So this awful man (vet) got us onto Profender, administered to the back of the neck. He said although more expensive, it may be a better option because our cats don’t like tablets. (I was thinking, well, we’ve never had that much trouble before, it was probably the metal implement shoved in her mouth, but ok.) We decided this might actually be a good option as the girls hate receiving medication anyway.

So today, I gave them all Profender at home. Keep in mind that our cats don’t even get flea treatment because they’re indoor cats and get showered once a fortnight, and plus they all really like to keep clean.

What a disaster! The cats have spent the entire day trying in vain to lick the medication, which they can’t reach because it’s on the back of the neck – but then they managed to scratch it and lick their foot.

Poor Keiko and Pricilla have already vomited.

If that awful man (vet) had given them the tablet as we asked, without trying to take their eye out in the process, they wouldn’t be feeling so sick.


AND last time Keiko was there, we asked if it’s bad if she drinks milk then has diarrhoea or vomits (duh) – we actually try to get them cat milk – but the awful man (vet) actually said that some cats are lactose intolerant, but it’s not a big deal because his own cat loves milk and just gets diarrhoea all the time.

What kind of a vet is he? I think he needs to go back to university.


How dare he harm our little darlings?




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Kea said...

What?! My jaw was dropping reading this. Please, please don't ever go back to this so-called vet. Seriously.

Sending lots of purrs and healing Light for everyone!

Harry Spotter said...

So sorry to hear that. There are some really bad vets out there. Hope your having a good weekend.

rina said...



The Island Cats said...

We would never want to see this vet. He doesn't sound very nice at all.

We hope all the kitties are feeling okay now.

Gattina said...

That's not a vet that's a butcher ! I would have taken my cats and slammed the door and tell him that I would complain about him ! Some vets are just not made for pets they are maybe good for cows and not even ! No cat loves to take pills, that's for sure. Arthur takes them when they are hidden in minced meat, but not the others. I also put the dewormer on their necks, but they don't even realize it. I hope you never go back to this guy !

violinmuffin said...

Thank you everyone, we're so not taking our cats back to this person. I think the problem also arises from the fact that many people go to 'the vet' but often don't have a specific vet for the cat, like a doctor for us humans (in Australia, anyway). We would go to the closest clinic and hope for the best. That being said, we've had good vets at the same clinic.

絵里奈さん、信じられないでしょ!この話、Mawson Lakesのクリニックの出来事なんです・・・。近いからって良いってわけじゃないですよね。次回はSalisburyまで行きます!実は8月にマレーシアに引っ越しするのですが、12歳のおばあちゃん猫もいてちょっと心配なので・・・今度ぜひお願いしたいです~^^

Everycat said...

I'm so glad you've found a kinder, more competent vet. Some vets are arrogant beyond belief. Giving a cat a tablet and injuring their mouth is definately grounds for a formal complaint. What vet can't give a cat a tablet? (my answer contains very rude words so won't type it) Poor Priscilla!

We use Profender and it should be put on the base of the cat's skull, not on the neck. We've not had any problem with it.

You could get some Pillpockets for when you have to pill them again, they come in different flavours and I've known the most pill savvy cats nom them up easily.

Whicky Wuudler

Lynx217 said...

OML I've never had that much difficulty giving a cat a pill and I'm no vet! My cats hate being pilled too, but a decent-length pill shooter is the best way to give a cat a pill and not hurt them or you! Sheesh! And the pills are quite effective! However, I have to disagree on the lack of need for flea medicine. Fleas can be carried in by humans and then jump to the cats, and bathing and grooming won't kill them. Been there, done that. It's no fun, trust me. Jadzia has the same issue with being able to get her paws where the liquid goes, so here's my advice. Do one cat at a time and use Revolution. It's more expensive but it's better and dries quicker. It will smell just like rubbing alcohol though, which is good cause that's the thing fleas hate the MOST. Hold treated kitty in your arms for about 5-10 minutes so they can't lick it (or otherwise distract them). By that time it'll have dried up enough to not be a problem. You might see clumpy fur at the treatment sight but that'll go away in a matter of a couple days. The other reason I suggest Revolution is that it kills those evil ticks too that love to attach themselves to humans and by proxy our cats.

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