Keiko is so cheeky

I gave tuna to our 3 cats the other night – divided equally among the three, of course! Keiko finished hers first, so she was putting silent pressure on Kenji until he moved away. She is so cheeky because she normally doesn’t even go near Kenji at her own will.

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Jacqueline said...

My Mommy Cat is just like that but worse=she finishes first and just sticks her face in Daddy Cat's food and he always lets her eat...sometimes, he even walks away and lets her have the rest=it is very sweet.

Kea said...

Derry will do that to Annie if she's taking too long to eat her treats. He'll sit and watch her, which intimidates her, which makes her leave, and thus gives Derry the rest of the treats. Ha.

Hannah and Lucy said...

If Hannah finishes her food first and Lucy is still at her dish she slides her paw across and steals one morsel at a time. It always makes me laugh because Lucy just carries on eating as though nothing has happened!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Tuna. How lucky are you. In situations like that we usually just push others away. (But in the end every cat gets to eat its fair share)

Mariodacat said...

he he- I did dat to Big Guy Amos when he came to isit - I got growled at big time. I didn't try dat again. Den he didn't even leave me any crumbs.

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