Happy Children’s Day!

In Japan, we celebrate Children’s Day on the 5th of May every year. Traditionally, the Japanese celebrated boys’ good health and longevity, wishing for them a life of achievement (girls have their own special day on March 3). It is said to have originated from a Chinese legend: Only the carp that can swim up the Yellow River can become a dragon. Children’s Day is celebrated with decorations of huge fabric koi (carp) flags, known as Koi Nobori.

(Pics from Wikipedia)

200px-Koinobori4797 240px-Tatibana-park2,katori-city,japan

Here’s my little boy: hope you have a long and healthy life Kenji!

I think this little boy wants to become a big tough mancat!

P1130229n P1130238n P1130241n  P1130243n

Can you believe this pose??? hahaha!

P1130247n P1130253n

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Kea said...

Kenji, you're so silly and adorable and precious!

Happy Children's Day!

Jacqueline said...

Happy Children's Day friends...Kenji, we love your adorable photos, especially the one with your stretching!...Wishing all your kitties great health, much happiness and many treats on this special day!

Mariodacat said...

Happy Children's Day. your photos are absolutely great. who can resist the kitties.

iLexxx said...

In Russia it’s 1st June to celebrates Children’s Day. Here in our small town, usually, all parents with children gather in the recreation park, ride attractions, eat cotton candy… If it’s not a rainy day of course :)

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