In our neighbourhood…

We were driving around our neighbourhood the other day during our OFI (open for inspection) with our cats in the back when I spotted this thing.

Notice anything unusual?


Yes, I'm talking about that leafy green item.


Do you realise… this is a LETTUCE???


Who has lettuce growing on their front nature strip?!

I am tempted to go and harvest this lettuce for my salad.


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Mariodacat said...

he he - it does look kind of silly there. I think your mama should cut it back & bring it in to eat. Would probably be yummy.

Jacqueline said...

That's kind of crazy...Wishing you guys luck with the move; I now you will be glad when it's over and you're settled in your new home/country...Take care.

Batu said...

Well spotted - yes you should go and harvest it....when are you moving???? Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures...

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