Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, KL

Hello from KL! I feel terrible that I haven't blogged for so long! I have decided to keep a better record of what we've been up to, as we have just moved to Malaysia!

We are still getting our head around the massive city of KL but have managed to find many great restaurants thanks to our friends and guidebooks.

Tonight, we ate at a tea specialty restaurant called the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. Purple Cane is the name of a popular tea retailer in Malaysia and they have created a restaurant focusing on tea cuisine.

We had been wanting to eat there after reading a great review in my Japanese guidebook.

The best way to get there is to catch a monorail to Maharajalela station and walk down the foot bridge to the Chinese Assembly Hall building, where this restaurant is located. We made the mistake of getting the LRT train to Pasar Seni (Chinatown) and walking down awful smelly streets!


Graeme ordered oolong tea – this one was beautifully fragrant and mild.


I had iced honey black tea. Wonderfully balanced flavours, and not too sweet (unlike most iced teas in this country!!) – very refreshing!


This is the sauteed eggplant in tea sauce – the chillies look very ominous but it's not hot at all. It has a very subtle tea flavour.


Prawn salad




All the dishes here were very pleasing to my Japanese palette – the flavours were subtle yet interesting, and I was left feeling satisfied but not heavy.

There were many other dishes on the menu we want to try, so we'll definitely eat there again!

P.S. Oh dear. Realising with a tinge of horror that it is our blogoversary here in TWO DAYS! I am in dire need of a new design…

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Mariodacat said...

Yumm - looks very good. Thanks for introducing to the foods in your new coumtry.

Maggie May said...

Nom nom nom!

Reenie said...

That prawn salad looks very very lovely, has my mouth watering... :)

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