Ristretto in Mont Kiara, KL

Ooops. I promised you (and myself) that I would post about that fantastic coffee place 'tomorrow' – but I let it slip my mind! So here it is!

Ristretto cafe
Unit 3A, 10 Mont Kiara, Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara


It's located in the expat suburb of Mont Kiara. If you are familiar with KL, you may think this is far and may not even consider heading this way. There's no public transport to speak of, if you have a car, that's great, but it's a mission in itself to get a taxi to agree to take you there.

We had quite a bad experience with the taxi who attempted to bring us here. (The all too common, seemingly harmless yet lethal lie, "I know where it is lah")  We got fed up and changed taxis. The second one brought us in one go. Having read the website, I was still full of hope and faith for Ristretto. When I got out of the taxi, I already liked the place because there was a kitty walking around. Not that that has anything to with it. The kitty didn't even belong to the cafe, or anything.


Graeme waiting anxiously for a coffee that meets his standards (hubby is a concert violinist but he is also a competition level barista)… So am I… I brought him all the way out here and after more than 30RM in the taxi I am hoping the coffee will be good.


The inside is lovely. The head barista, Julian, is an Australian who trained in Sydney. I already knew this information from their website before coming. It will be good.

DSC00530n DSC00532n

This chalkboard menu thing is very Australian. I like.


Here's my latte!!! With a tulip. I'm happy and relieved! I've had enough coffees in my life and had my ears talked off by Graeme enough times to know how a coffee will be just by looking at it. This is good.


This is Graeme's double ristretto – he is happy. Nowhere else in KL can you ask for a double ristretto and be understood.


We were both so happy. But we had to run off very quickly because we decided on the spur of the moment to head over here before Graeme had a concert, which meant we had to go home straight away as he works in KLCC.

Now all we need is a car to make getting here less painful… hahaha!

Ristretto is highly recommended. Even if you live on the wrong side of town like we do! (We live near Ampang)

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lanatir said...

hey i saw u guys there

Batu said...

Mmmmm coffee - very important to be able to get a good one. Hope you are settling in okay...xxxooo

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so the coffee is actually melbourne standard!??

wow, malaysia has a saviour!

well i moved from melb to brisbane and the first thing im missing is the coffee!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh that looks SO good!

Nikel Khor said...

nice to know this place

MzB said...

Melb std?...i just came back fr melb and dying for a decent coffee. Thanks for the review - looking fwd to head there

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