So I went to Kamimura again!

As per my last post, I declared to hubby that we shall go to Kamimura again the next night – to eat the Chirashi Zushi, of course!

We were going to catch up with a few friends so suggested Kamimura as a dinner option, which they were happy to go along with!

I was so happy that I forgot to take any photos of the meal. I intend to build a whole photo album of meals there…  eventually… The Chirashi Zushi was perfect once again. It had different types of fish and even had 'seared katsuo' (apparently called skipjack tuna in English) – something that you wouldn't often see in Australia, as it can taste quite 'fishy'!!! It can be nasty to be eating a lightly seared piece of fish that you know is going to be fishy at the best of times, but this one was perfectly seasoned.

The whole meal, as I knew it would be, was DELISH!

If hubby weren't working tonight, I would be there. haha!

This is a photo of the pool area in our apartment complex. It's beautifully maintained and very peaceful – you can sometimes see a little stray cat drinking from the pool. We try to tell him/her that they shouldn't drink the chemicals…


I'm currently searching all over the net for Malaysian Food Blogs for recommendations. Haha!

I live to eat!

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Jacqueline said...

So glad you guys had another lovely meal and are settling in well at your new place; the grounds at your home are really beautiful...Hope you have a fun weekend in your new city; it must kind of seem like a vacation with so many new places to explore!...Hugs, sweet friend, kisses to your beautiful babies.

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