A 'down' week… getting used to it

All this week, I have been quite fatiguey and I haven't been able to get out of bed for very long. I'm ok with 'down' days/weeks as I'm able to manage my fatigue quite well now, but all I did this week was: get up, have breakfast, go back to bed, have lunch if I've thought far enough ahead, post on my blog, read kitty blogs, go back to bed, read more kitty blogs, have a nap, go out for dinner, and go to bed.

Thank goodness I could go to Kamimura on two consecutive nights! That was a highlight!

The reason we have to go out for dinner is that we don't have any of our things yet from Australia (in fact, for 6 months) – and the kitchen is extremely ill-equipped. We are getting  the kitchen cabinets replaced by the landlord because the wood has rotted away around the sink, to the extent that the drawer-bottoms have fallen out. Haha! You just have to laugh at the state of things. The wood is quite mouldy – I'm very grossed out by this, so I spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, even though I love to cook. We also don't currently have a microwave or an oven, or any kitchen utensils, cooking bowls, etc. etc. So despite my fatigue, we always go out for dinner because we prefer to eat well. Hehe!

Actually, we just recently bought a knife, a frypan and a saucepan. We couldn't find a wooden spoon so we just got a spatula. So we can make pasta with sauce out of a jar, or something!

We still like our quirky apartment though. And the beautiful surrounding grounds.

We are missing the cafe culture of Australia very much. We've made a slow transition from basically living in a cafe in Melbourne, eating breakfast out every day and visiting all the best coffee places, to moving to Adelaide whose coffee scene is tiny and breakfast unimaginative, and now to KL, where there is no coffee culture and no such thing as all-day-breakfasts. We feel somewhat like birds with clipped wings. But it is a great character building experience. We always tell ourselves we will be grateful forever and ever to have that luxury back in our lives one day.

Today, I was searching online for good cafes and restaurants in and around KL and finally found a new cafe, who seemed very serious about their coffee! This was a must try, even though it was really far away from us (like, really far even with a decent taxi, which we didn't have). The cafe turned out to be really great. I will do a separate post about them tomorrow!

Here are another couple of pictures from our pool area. We really like how green and peaceful it is, as it's such a change from the hustle and bustle of the city AND we are very close to KLCC (very central). It really reminds us of being in a resort, and I love taking pictures of flowers! There is also a walking track around the apartment complex. I'm planning to get a stroller for my kitties so I can take them out for a walk!



I know that in a few months time, I will read this post again and laugh at all I'm finding tough about this new country. I've moved countries before, I know I can make it a home!

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Jacqueline said...

Change is so difficult, but yes, character building and it will get better as you settle into a new routine...Sorry things are so strange for you guys right now; hang in there!...My life is changing quite a bit the last few months as well; besides the move into the new house, must still sell the old one and I am going for a new job in the next few weeks (as a cancer survivor, my health insurance is outrageous=almost the cost of my new house note; the old house was paid off and I had broader choices and worked in a small firm w/o health insurance)...Best of luck with the apartment improvements and with finding joy and contentment in your new surroundings...Take care my friend.

Reenie said...

Change is not easy, I know- but yes, I hope one day you get to look at this entry and l laugh. My mother loves Malaysia, I have never been there- but next time we talk I'll get some recommendations for you... She keeps mentioning hawker food, but it is possibly not an ideal thing to try until your digestive system is strongest. I hear they taste heavenly, but are apt in causing indigestion.

I know what you mean, I absolutely love melbourne's coffee culture...

GreatGranny said...

Change takes time and I bet your apartment will be what you want it to be, lovely flowers.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Living without utensils and a kitchen you can work in has to be a problem. We hope you feel better soon. Fatigue is no fun.

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