Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar

I have posted before about the lack of a decent coffee in KL. Over recent months, a few new cafes have opened around the city that follow the style that we are so accustomed to in Australia; i.e. Espresso! On-site roasting! This is a hugely exciting development for us.

Antipodean (pronounced like this) recently opened in the expat suburb of Bangsar. It is located on Jalan Telawi 2 near Bangsar Village.

We've been to this cafe a few times so far to try out the breakfast, which reminds one of a cafe in Australia. Or New Zealand, I suppose, where the owner is from, I think.

I had the muesli with fruit salad, honey and yoghurt:


Graeme had the big breakfast (note the size difference of what is considered 'big' in this country!):


The food is presented nicely and it is quite delicious – probably worth multiple visits. Unfortunately this style of food is still new in KL and one cannot quite ignore the feeling that I could cook it better at home. But this is not Australia so I won't complain. The service can be slow (nothing abnormal in KL). Still, you can't really get this kind of breakfast in KL so I don't mind it so much.

The cafe has a nice atmosphere, but it is quite loud inside because of a lack of any fabric furnishings to soak up reflecting sounds off the walls and tiles. A little bit difficult on our classical musician ears, I must say.


Lastly, I must mention the coffee, that is roasted on-site. That immediately suggests a certain standard and seriousness about coffee. I believe Graeme has had a good ristretto here, however, not without some coersion. I have a mixed feeling about the piccolo latte and latte here. Piccolo is obviously small but the latte is massive. Check this out:



Although I was a little bit disappointed about this latte, I would still say that Antipodean is probably the best option for coffee around Bangsar Village.

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Suzanne Ong said...

For coffee try Ristretto at 10 Mont Kiara. Barista is an Aussie from Sydney. Only RM3 for a latte!

Btw I see u were from Adl. I lived there b4 for studies. Quite place.

amelia said...

My hubby would want three of those 'big' breakfasts!!!

Joe said...

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Joe said...

GORGEOUS! and the pictures are darn good too!
Makes me want to grab one - two!

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