Piano is HERE!

I have not blogged for a while, again. But today, I am jumping for joy!


My beautiful friend, Yuko kindly lent me her PIANO for 6 months!

The piano has just arrived in my house, gone up the stairs, no cats ran away, so this is a wonderful day.


I've been looking for a piano at home for a long time, since I arrived in KL. Now after 10 months, I've been saving up my pocket money but I was a little way off as other expenses interrupted (eg. my cat's operation!).

The other night, I went out to dinner with some music friends and we got talking. Yuko is leaving to pursue another job in Norway imminently but she will only move her things after 6 months. So she kindly suggested to me that even if she'll eventually take the piano with her, nobody will use it for 6 months at her house so why don't I use it?

I'm so blessed with wonderful friends in our new country. I'm finding it easier to put in more of my old self into my work and practice. I want to do the very best that I can!

Thank you Yuko so much!


Incidentally… the piano movers (all Malay too) were quite funny. They put a strap around the piano and carried it up the stairs, 2 people plus 1 assisting in tight spots. There's no such thing as safety regulations!

In Australia, I fear that they would have refused to put it where I got it placed, because of the narrow staircase.

These are moments I really like this country. BOLEH!

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Batu said...

Yay for the piano! That will make all the difference!

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