New Gadget

So first things first, after an extended break from blogging, I want to introduce my newest gadget with which I am writing my current post.

This is the new Galaxy Note 10.1 released just last week. Its quadcore power makes everything smooth and satisfying. My last tab, the original Samsung Galaxy 10.1, lacked finesse and any serious usability - speaking from someone who needs to edit documents, photos, blogs, listen to music, make phone calls, write texts (the first tab couldn't even do that!!!!), carry around sheet music in pdf format, edit simple graphics, record students videos... the list goes on. Not to mention,... the lack of accessories making the tab look hopelessly ugly. I was totally over the Tab from day one, and was happy to throw it around like it didn't matter.

Not anymore! This precious baby is alllll mine. Paws off!

The new Note can do all the above-mentioned things at the same time, AND the camera is faster - useful for photographing my cats who simply do not stay still... and comes loaded with the Photoshop Touch - yet to be tested... but sounds cool all the same, haha

The kitty is Bruce, the new boy - given to us.... more on that later.

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